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"My love child tracked me down. I was scared, shocked, angry. Like a dog in a sidecar when it comes loose from the motorcycle."

Sir, the silliness radar is detecting a huge disturbance just north of San Diego, California. Scramble the jets!

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  • Give my UCSD friends holographic V-day cards just like in 3rd grade
  • Bake a king's cake for Mardi Gras for my apt! :)
  • See "Superior Doughnuts" at San Diego Rep
  • See "Little Miss Sunshine" at La Jolla Playhouse
  • Eat chocolate-covered strawberries at a dining hall on campus 2/14
  • See "Hedda Gabler"
  • Go to Disneyland with UCSD friends
  • Have a Fab Four sleepover! :)
  • Ditch class with Josefine to visit a museum
feb 7 2011 ∞
feb 22 2011 +