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"My love child tracked me down. I was scared, shocked, angry. Like a dog in a sidecar when it comes loose from the motorcycle."

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  • Guerneville & the Russian River (10 years old?)
    • I recall renting these old-timey-looking inner tubes and floating around the river. I was worried that fish would touch me but they didn't. The riverbank had lots of stones that heated up really quickly in the sun, so it felt like walking on coals at times.
  • Maui (13 years old)
    • My sisters were way too young to appreciate Hawaii, so we mostly stayed at our fancy hotel and swam in the pool. Except I was on my period the whole trip and didn't. All I wanted to do was to climb a volcano, but no... Fiona got in trouble for petting a sea turtle. We ate at restaurants a TON--so much so that my mom began to get super frustrated. It wasn't very fun.
  • Las Vegas (11 years old?)
    • All I remember is going to the big M&Ms store and Circus Circus. Delaney got in trouble for trying to play the slot machine at the casino. What delinquents...
  • Europe (15 years old)
    • Went to France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, England and Luxembourg. Got stuck with a crazy narcoleptic roommate who bummed me out the entire trip. Adored every city we went to and hated so much of the food--French game of some sort, fish and chips, German mystery meat--so I starved a lot, except I ate the best tarte aux fraises EVER in Beaune, France (by Dijon). A bunch of girls from my group bought beer from a vending machine in Germany and tried to get me to drink it (and failed). Switzerland was gorgeous.
  • Washington DC/ Boston (14 years old)
    • Chelsea and I were roommates but she'd fall asleep late and wake up late while I fell asleep early and woke up early. So we missed each other a lot. I got dragged around to various monuments in a sleep-deprived haze. Boston was awesome.
  • Yosemite (14 years old)
    • Hiked a lot. Wore my pedometer incessantly--got 15,000 steps a day consistently. Stuck in a cabin with the meanest girls from our grade because Michelle forgot to sign us up for the same room... Yikes. Everyone was afraid of the serial killer still at large in Yosemite.
  • Shaver Lake (19 years old...earlier this Jan)
    • Plain snow awesomeness for my uncle's 50th birthday. I did not partake in skiing, but I stayed home in our huge cabin and played in the snow and relaxed. My family is hilarious, so I think it might be a genetic trait.
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