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  • favorite color: dark red
  • favorite number: 3
  • favorite letter: B or F
  • favorite pet: cat
  • favorite animal: owl
  • favorite season: due to brazillian climate, winter, which means an autumnal weather
  • favorite hour of a day: 16h
  • favorite word:
  • favorite article of clothing: boots
  • favorite clothing color: tones of brown
  • favorite accessory: rings
  • favorite hairstyle: my marc bolan haircut of course
  • favorite website: listography, probably
  • favorite body part: face
  • favorite sleeping position: lying on stomach with one leg in recoil
  • favorite restaurant: bar escritório
  • favorite park: guinle
  • favorite place: bar escritório
  • favorite mood: either that sudden perception of a quiet and constant satiety that living sometimes brings or the eagerness after that
  • favorite outside activity: bar
  • favorite inside activity: reading
  • favorite scent: the manly scent of an old aftershave lotion i have
  • favorite day of the week: sunday, my day of reading
  • favorite day of the year: when vacations begin
  • favorite obsession: making lists


  • favorite trait:
  • favorite year in your life: 2012
  • favorite school subject: although i love to study literature, the one i had the most fun attending was history
  • favorite teacher: prof. ronaldo of history
  • favorite accomplishment:
  • favorite memory: having been proven that love although ephemeral is possible


  • favorite dish: strogonoff
  • favorite drink: beer
  • favorite fruit: banana
  • favorite vegetable: kale
  • favorite sweet: pudding
  • favorite breakfast: bananas
  • favorite cookie: chocolícia


  • favourite classical composer: schumann probably
  • favorite symphony:
  • favorite concerto:
  • favorite sonata: beethoven's 'appassionata'
  • favorite instrument: piano
  • favorite 60s musician/band: the doors
  • favorite 70s musician/band: fleetwood mac/big star
  • favorite 80s musician/band: the smiths
  • favorite 90s musician/band: blur
  • favorite 2000s musician/band: deerhunter
  • favorite 2010s musician/band: iceage
  • favorite rapper:
  • favorite blues musician/band:
  • favorite brazillian musician/band: jorge ben
  • favorite heavy metal band: deep purple
  • favorite punk band: television
  • favorite music video:
  • concert or pop music? both

cinema & tv

  • favorite actor:
  • favorite actress: ingrid bergman
  • favorite comedy movie: 'to be or not to be' by ernst lubitsch
  • favorite romance movie: 'casablanca', if there is one
  • favorite thriller/scary movie: 'videodrome' by cronenberg
  • favorite movie from the 30s:
  • favorite movie from the 40s: 'rope' by hitchcock
  • favorite movie from the 50s: 'europa 51' by roberto rossellini
  • favorite movie from the 60s: '2001: a space odyssey' by stanley kubrick
  • favorite movie from the 70s: 'chinatown' by roman polansky
  • favorite movie from the 80s: 'mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios' by pedro almodóvar
  • favorite movie from the 90s: 'my own private idaho', by gus van sant
  • favorite movie from the 2000s: 'mullholland drive' by david lynch
  • favorite movie from the 2010s: 'melancholia' by lars von trier
  • favorite movie character: irene, from rossellini's europe '51
  • favorite movie director: probably almodóvar
  • favorite animated movie: spirited away
  • favorite animated show:
  • favorite cartoon character: mordecai of regular show
  • favorite tv male character: tyrion lannister of game of thrones
  • favorite tv female character:
  • favorite tv show: game of thrones
  • favorite episode:
  • movies or tv? movies


  • favorite ancient poet: catullus
  • favorite english language poet: lord byron
  • favorite spanish language poet: pablo neruda
  • favorite portuguese language poet: murilo mendes
  • favorite french language poet: charles baudelaire
  • favorite long poem: t.s. eliot's 'the wasteland'
  • favorite novel: oscar wilde's 'the picture of dorian gray'
  • favorite novel of the 20th century: raduan nassar's 'lavoura arcaica'
  • favorite novel of the 19th century: excluding dorian, stendhal's 'the red and the black"
  • favorite novel of before that: werther of goethe
  • favorite play: antigone of sofocles
  • favorite female character in literature: ci, a mãe do mato from macunaíma
  • prose or poetry? poetry

other arts & etc

  • favorite painter: william turner
  • favorite painting:
  • favorite artwork of other kind: pietà of michelangelo
  • favorite pop idol: morrissey (love to hate him, hate to love him)
  • favorite celebrity crush:


  • favorite historical figure: fidel castro
  • favorite brazilian historical figure: darcy ribeiro
  • favorite year in history: 1922
  • favorite mythological creature: faun
  • favorite pagan deity:
  • favorite flag: the USSR's
  • favorite president: within the limited scope of options, jango
  • favorite decade: '20s
  • favorite century: 19th
  • favorite historical event: cuban revolution

favorite favorite: favorite favorite

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