• it's been Almost 3 years that you have been gone. it will mark 3 years on August 23,2010. Still can't handle the fact that you're gone. as soon as I heard the news I didn't want to believe it. my world came crashing down and reality set in. Like a slap in my face, a stab in my back. A thousand needles in my arm. too much pain for one to handle. felt like you took a piece of me with you. you were the missing piece to my puzzle. My other half that made me feel complete. the one who had my heart. the one who I see that made my heart skip a beat. The one who made me experience love. It's sad because as I sit here writing about you OUR song came on unexpectedly. I still can't handle the fact that your gone. So I cry to ease my pain. But it's only temporarily. and I know I'm suppose to be strong but I cry almost every night knowing your anniversary and birthday is coming up! but my husband/ other half/ guardian angel I love you soo much. Not enough words can express it! I can't put it in words to be exact. No one will understand us. i will end it here before it becomes a story.

R.I.P To my Babyy Frankie Nathaniel Ortiz!

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