1. Taking care of my body.

    • I will sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.
    • I will eat more and gain weigh. A body weight of 38 kilos is not sustainable. Ideally, my weight should be between 46 and 54 kilograms.
    • I will spend more time outdoors, in the mountains or the beach.
    • I will exercise regularly - be it yoga, swimming, walking or a combination thereof.
    • I will be mindful of my dental visits and the yearly pap smear.

2. Taking care of my mind.

    • I will sit and meditate at least 15 minutes every day.
    • I will read a book or one story a week.
    • I will write poetry again.
    • I will finish the Stanford University online course on the foundations of modern physics.
    • I will pay off my debts and start saving again.

3. To learn something.

    • To learn how to scuba dive.
    • To learn how to make digital videos.
    • To be a better leader of the organization I work for.

4. To be mindful.

    • To choose to be kind, always.
    • To remain openhearted and truthful.
    • To remember that for most people, they do try to become their better selves. That includes me.
    • To not to be too hard on myself, or others.
    • To learn to forgive and let go.
    • To take heart in the knowledge that all things change.
    • To live in the moment.
    • And to never take anything for granted again.
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