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what is happiness to you?

  • its a remake of a film i love - abre los ojos
  • jason lee is in it
  • they mention jeff buckley
  • explanation of keeping a relationship casual until ultimate breaking point...because i want to be a pleasure delayer too
  • her lips are a bit over-plumped in this film (like mine tonight that is why i'm stayin' in)
  • its probably the only time ever the term 'fuck buddy' does not totally repulse me
  • i have a mask fetish
  • i've also got a fetish for scars
  • and i have also got another huge fetish for just damage - limps, mmmm...(yea i'm a bit of a sick kitten sometimes, oki all the time)
  • i also 'have the ability to fall *snap* out of love like that'
  • plastic surgery
  • " don't invite happiness in without a full body search"
  • she speaks partly in english and partly in spanish like i do sometimes
  • waking up on the street hungover
  • "every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around"
  • how much would everyone just really love to drive some guy that fucked with their heart over a bridge at 80mph? truthfully really we all would wouldn't we...
  • portrait of my mother when she was a 17 yr old teen age beauty queen in 1957
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user picture Nancy: I was searching films and came upon your list. I love Vanilla Sky. It's probably one of my favorite movies of all time. apr 26 2007
user picture jenz: that last one is true - i know *i'd* like to... may 5 2007