• calls me mamãe dindinha (mommy godmother) now
  • calls me didinha even though I'm not her godmother
  • hugs me really tight when she sees me
  • loves when i draw my hand and her hand
  • loves to imitate beyonce's moves in countdown for me
  • "você é minha?" *nods her head*
  • once woke up asking for me :'''')
  • tried to divert my attention when i was crying and she was only 2yo
  • started calling me mimila
  • heard her say camila perfectly the other day
  • loves to watch peter pan (calls it 'pan pan' or 'panzinho') with me, says she is michael and daniela is wendy


  • obsessed with watching running man with me
  • calls kai "kaizinho" and momo "mominho" :)
  • says she roots for my football team
  • loves and likes to dance to better than words with me
  • our adventure time watching dates
  • loves picanha like me
  • tells me her secrets
  • likes to watch tv on top of me or with her head on my breast
  • doesn't want me to teach other kids, only her
  • listens with rapt attention when i talk about feminism
  • stayed silent and hugged my back when i was having a panic attack
  • "do you know nyc?" "the city iron man destroyed?"
  • said her favorite is niall
  • just like wendy, loves making up stories, talks too much, big sister
  • watched the star wars trilogy with me (christmas 2014)
  • talks to me on whatsapp
apr 7 2014 ∞
jul 8 2016 +