• nunsploitation
  • sudden quick violence (ex.: young Jane Eyre being hit with a book and making her head collide against a door, silence, blood drips slowly);
  • long, long conversations, stories weaving together in dialogue that seems to go nowhere;
  • people reading, libraries;
  • silence, non-verbal conversations, sounds of the wind;
  • incest;
  • Haneke's tables, Haneke's bookshelves,
  • walking slowly through old rooms, discovering secrets;
  • kids being brutal;
  • girls friendly kissing each other in the lips;
  • houses in the middle of nowhere;
  • deserted japanese/brazilian/french streets;
  • girls or beautiful boys eating fruits messily;
  • use of prosthetics, special makeup and animatronic for monsters and not CGI;
  • hair used as a horror device;
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