• day 17: edited, finished and sent :)
  • day 16: extremely depressed about the national museum, have no motivation whatsoever, but i start on my conclusion and a bit more on solutions; finished but in need of some re-edit;
  • day 15: so lazy, more on brazilian history with language teaching;
  • day 14: this house is a MESS, i'm so sleepy, i go on again about history and start on methodology;
  • day 13: sex is very motivational lol, so i write my extract and introduction, NEW WILD NOTHING;
  • day 12: feel super weird all day, references and more on solutions;
  • day 11: info on latin american education, fucking argentina lmao, i have to double my efforts, so i'll come back later today, so i'm back and writing about solutions to the brazilian case and tweaking 300 references;
  • day 10: stressed and sad, a bit more about the asian experience;
  • day 9: i feel much better, pixies all morning, a lot about the indian education system;
  • day 8: probably going thru an episode, depressed by this khmer rouge research, very little progress;
  • day 7: fucking laptop took more than 2 hours to update, i'm pissed and frustrated, write and research just a bit about job market;
  • day 6: sharp objects fucked me up, so i write some more of the mental benefits of bilingualism while i blast mitski, my eyes hurt;
  • day 5: writing a bit about the cognitive advantages of bilingualism, my acpc garden is not helping my attention span lol
  • day 4: i feel rested finally, more of history, i feel like i'm going slower than last time tho, maybe bc i'm going chronologically and not writing whatever part i feel like writing that day;
  • day 3: not sleeping well, my eyes hurt, write some more about history, very distracted;
  • day 2: wrote a bit about the history of english teaching in brasil, one paragraph, didn't sleep well last night, distracted as hell;
  • day 1: chapter titles, initial formatting, separating sources for each chapter, still sad about my last tests yesterday;
aug 14 2018 ∞
sep 4 2018 +