• Sea water is flowing from the middle of my thighs, Crawlersout
  • Adorn me in feathers from dead birds and/ contemplate the size of leather palettes to wind me in/ Put shutters on my eyes, Crawlersout
  • Get a little closer, let fold/ cut open my sternum, and pull/ my little ribs around you/ the lungs of me be crowns over you, Fineshrine
  • ears ring and teeth click and ears ring and teeth click ears ring and teeth click ears ring and teeth click ears ring and teeth click, Ungirthed
  • The air is familiar, the sound is not still/ dead voices cover their moats/ they fill the cloth totes with/ the rustles of earth/ and the crying detritioning bones, Ungirthed
  • Clean thy sparkling teeth/ brush down thy sparkling sides/ that thy nervous blood/ would become undone from/ impedious pounding ideas, Amenamy
  • I'll grow bitters on the borders of your whistling skin/ I'll sew pockets of the locks that fall from your bristling chin, Grandloves
  • We'll bathe often in the light of the moon/ we'll sew clothes from the stem of our womb, Cartographist
  • Grandma, my hands have wandered/ my little legs are getting weak/ bid lend me your wispy frame/ guard my precious powers in its cage, Belispeak
  • Drill little holes into my eyelids/ that I might see you/ that I might see you when I sleep, Belispeak
  • Still my sweating lips, wield my starving hips, Saltkin
  • Leaves us plastered/ to a bed of hairs with/ me all coiled up near the bottom/ with my chest unbarred, Obedear
  • Lofty cries with trembling thighs/ weepy chests with weepy sighs/ weepy skin with trembling thighs, Lofticries
  • Let it seep through your sockets and ears/ into your precious ruptured skull/ let it seep let it keep you from us/ patiently heal you/ patiently unreel you, Lofticries
  • Every verse in Shuck.
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