• day whatever: forgot to update this, but i finished it and got 93% on it :)
  • day 7: classes activities; i'm feeling so positive about my writing and everything :)
  • day 6: some citations, fixing my introduction;
  • day 5: so so lazy, but still wrote some more about miscigenation and blackface threatening kids' self esteem;
  • day 4: lots of shit talking about the south lmao; also dreading that my thesis is gonna be read and graded by a southern bigot lmao;
  • day 3: suddenly i can write; lots of shit about the concept of identity and how the social context influences people, specially children/teens and the northeasterner identity;
  • day 2: i still can't write, so i ramble on about the prejudice against northeasterners during the 2014 presidential elections and a bit about andrĂ©a ramal's idea how to not turn teens in fucking xenophobes;
  • day 1: everything's shit, i can't write, smth about brazilian miscigenation, then a paragraph about classroom empowerment activities;
nov 11 2015 ∞
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