• hi!! im camden/camille, but you can call me cam:) it changes on what my gender is swinging on that day
  • im a minor, please keep that in mind !!
  • i really really like to play genshin impact, im not very far but i really like the game !!
  • i like kpop n anime :)
  • my comfort show is regular show !
  • i love,, writing,,
  • my discord is chamomile#3695 !! (pls pm me on cs be4 discord tyty)
  • im homoflexible n nonbinary, they/fae !! depending on the day, she/he might be added aswell
  • i cant understand sarcasm sometimes soRYRKNDKJNNJ
jun 26 2020 ∞
jun 2 2021 +