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tomorrow i too - this feeling and thinking soul, the universe i am to myself - yes, tomorrow i too will be someone who no longer walks the streets, someone others will evoke with a vague: 'i wonder what's become of him?'

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sekai fic rec supernatural!au

list status: work-in-progress

1.tritagonist / 10k / explicit

Jongin thinks that trouble can't chase him. He doesn't like bad boys, illegal races, drugs or gambling, and he manages to keep Jongdae safe as well. But in the end trouble definitely chases after him, although is in the form of illegal boxer Chanyeol. boxer, bad boy, tattoos, car sex, riding, sexual tension

2. encounters of the sexy kind / 11k / explicit

It isn’t that Chanyeol doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials, it’s just that this isn’t how he imagined meeting one. alien sex, cum shot, horny!pcy, grinding

3. three men in a hot tub / 7k / explicit

Chanyeol and Jongin's onsen trip takes a turn when they meet a pretty boy in the men's bath. threesome: chanyeol/jongin/sehun, public sex, groping, size kink

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