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tomorrow i too - this feeling and thinking soul, the universe i am to myself - yes, tomorrow i too will be someone who no longer walks the streets, someone others will evoke with a vague: 'i wonder what's become of him?'

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sekai fic rec supernatural!au

i present to u [drum rolls] a masterlist of some of my favourite fics ive read through 2014 up till now

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i'm astounded whenever i finish something. what i achieve is not the product of an act of my will but of my will's surrender. i begin because i don't have the strength to think; i finish because i don't have the courage to quit. this book is my cowardice. - fernando pessoa

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1. joie de vivre / 61k / not rated

  • Sehun doesn't sleep. Jongin makes coffee. This is not the fairy tale story of a Starbucks barista and his roommate. angst, romance, slice of life

2. sunlit / 6k / mature

  • In which Sehun and Jongin are childhood b...__19days au, high school au, feels__
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there are ships sailing to many ports but not a single one goes where life is not painful - fernando pessoa

ibana ♡ 18 / virgo / enfp

  • twitter: sezkdl
  • ao3: pcykaiotic (writing only) & captainamerikai (reading + bookmarking)
  • exo-l and sekaist since 2014. i also ship chanbaek n every otp between pcy osh bbh & kji
  • sekai college au fics first, god second

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but everything is imperfect. there's no sunset so lovely it couldn't be yet lovelier, no gentle breeze bringing us sleep that couldn't bring yet sounder sleep. - fernando pessoa

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fics ive written:

1. if you close your eyes and want me / 8k / explicit / chanbaek

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i like wasting my time, clearly. lists and archives are what i really get off to

  • try to bookmark everything on ao3, even fics i read on lj. but that's only of recent and theres a shit ton of unclassified fics from the past. just thinkin about it drives me nuts bro

the art of fic recs tip: don't be a tool

i despise the idea of rating fics. it's an unreliable measure of Greatness. a slap on the face to writers who spend hrs perfecting their fics just for some asshole rate it 2.5 stars or whatever the fuck

  • ive a thing for angst but fluffy best friends fics and sekai being dumb bros>>> for eg: sore loser, in theory, get cocky, and blond ambition

who the fuck is fernando pessoa

among other things, he is outrageously akin to the voice is my head

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♡ I have at this moment so many fundamental thoughts, so many truly metaphysical things to say, that I suddenly get tired and decide not to write any more, not to think any more, but to allow the fever of speaking to make me sleepy, and with my eyes closed, like a cat, I play with everything I could have said.

♡ Not insincerity, but a translated sincerity, is the basis of all art.

♡ If a man can only write well when drunk, I'll tell him: get drunk. and if he tells me that his liver suffers with it, I'll answer: what's your liver? It's a dead thing that lives as long as you live, and the poems you'll write will live without a as long as.

♡ My soul is a hidden orchestra; I know not what instruments, what fiddlestrings and harps, drums and tamboura I sound and clash inside myself. All I hear is the symphony.

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