• lee donghyuck x mark lee
    • trying to put it into words ┊ venuscava
        • In his brain, it goes like this: everything Mark just said + them holding hands right now + Mark looking like he wants to jump off a plane + the out of place offense at Donghyuck not taking his offer seriously + him sitting here, with Donghyuck, not even watching the movie that was probably very loudly distracting him from completing his time-sensitive essay = the second epiphany.
        • Donghyuck’s eyes widen. “Oh my god. You’re totally in love with me.”
    • wherever we go ┊ tatoeba
        • Mark goes back to Vancouver for what’s meant to be a one-month hiatus. Somehow, Donghyuck ends up going with him.
  • kim jungwoo x nakamoto yuta
    • chemistry ┊ venvephe
        • In the autumn of his sophomore year, Kim Jungwoo makes friends with the captain of the soccer team, passes Organic Chemistry, hooks up in the library, gets advice from his roommate, watches his friends form a throuple, learns to like sports, and falls in love.
        • But not in that order.
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