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I may be strange, normal, different, annoying, beautiful, ugly, pretty, odd, mean, kind, smart, ditzy, loud, snarky, unapolagetic, conformist, and anything you wish. But above all, I am myself.

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The yearbook people were harassing us in woodwind period for quotes for the yearbook. The question [shocking and original]: why are you in band? But, it got me thinking. Why do I do this?

  • music is sometimes the only thing keeping me going
  • you can get away with saying the stupidest things ever recorded
  • "shiny-keys" momments
  • when you've just given your all, and the crowd goes nuts and that defeaning roar that goes straight to your heart...
  • you can be a total nerd and you're excused for it
  • you're lumped together with some of the best people on planet earth
  • like... 5,000 upper-classmen to back you up at any moment
  • oh, the inside jokes [and you just lost the game]
  • cracking up over the air-grams as you march on to the field
  • dancing way too white and nerdy in the stands
  • loosing your voice after every football game, whether you won or not

Oh, and one more: music is my everything. Plain and simple.

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