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I may be strange, normal, different, annoying, beautiful, ugly, pretty, odd, mean, kind, smart, ditzy, loud, snarky, unapolagetic, conformist, and anything you wish. But above all, I am myself.

StifledLaughter wishlist (New Years Resolutions)
travel (Things to do in Berlin)
notes (Food to make)
financial (Things to work out - week of 9/19)
to do (Week of 10/02/13)
  • a library. a giant, giant library. the kind sherlock holmes would have, filled with more books than I would have the time to read. Bibles would be on the fiction shelf.
  • a full-service kitchen and a walk-in pantry, filled with food that costs more than my house payments. The walls would be Robbin's Egg blue.
  • mod furniture. a '70s timewarp sort of aesthetic.
  • giant windows with plenty of natural light.
  • a spiral staircase.
oct 19 2008 ∞
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