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I may be strange, normal, different, annoying, beautiful, ugly, pretty, odd, mean, kind, smart, ditzy, loud, snarky, unapolagetic, conformist, and anything you wish. But above all, I am myself.

StifledLaughter wishlist (New Years Resolutions)
travel (Things to do in Berlin)
notes (Food to make)
financial (Things to work out - week of 9/19)
to do (Week of 10/02/13)

I may not be a gangsturr, but I do have some interesting musical tastes.

  • Paper Planes -MIA
  • Live Your Life -TI
  • Stronger -Kaye West
  • Actually, anything by Kanye West
  • Sensual Seduction -Snoop Dog
  • Super Star -Lupe Fiasco
  • Forever -Chris Brown
  • Don't Phunk With My Heart -Black Eyed Peas
  • The Sweet Escape -Gwen Stefani
  • Shoot Down The Stars -Gym Class Heroes
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