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I may be strange, normal, different, annoying, beautiful, ugly, pretty, odd, mean, kind, smart, ditzy, loud, snarky, unapolagetic, conformist, and anything you wish. But above all, I am myself.

StifledLaughter wishlist (New Years Resolutions)
travel (Things to do in Berlin)
notes (Food to make)
financial (Things to work out - week of 9/19)
to do (Week of 10/02/13)
  • Lights that envoke head-spinning highs and eyes that can't see properly
  • An almost sleepy, subtle existence past the strip
  • Horror stories about Fright Dome, which, apparently isn't that frightening at all
  • Drifting around, looking for the one place that actually allows children
  • Stalking arcades and shopping malls and the park, for they are the only place that allow children
  • Curious people
  • Really good food...
  • Fighting for an education
  • Being scared that a loved one will be shot one day
  • Flashing lights and glamor
oct 22 2008 ∞
nov 2 2008 +