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  • all my crazy fun sports & entertainment marketing assignments
  • august 31st, my school's birthday - every august 31st we had cake with ice cream to celebrate the date
  • buying ice pops on tuesdays afternoon after taking tests
  • chiara sharing her food with me - because all I ever ate for lunch was a granola bar - during algebra
    • my fondest of these moments was when we were having our last class before the finals and we ate SO MUCH throughout that class
  • enormous biology homework that would keep me up for hours
  • failing all my chemistry tests and somehow still passing the class
  • field trip to ouro preto
    • I stayed in a room with tai, carol and malu and we brought lots of candies
    • the hotel was a m a z i n g, it looked very fab and the beds looked like those that belong to a king in the movies
  • field trip to petrópolis
    • I vividly remember the all you can eat pizza place we went to
  • getting the leesville award for best grade in my english class (I was a foreigner. In the US. English.)
  • hanging out with my friends at my school's courtyard during break - always either at the steps outside the auditorium or at the benches near the auditorium - and talking while we ate pão de queijo and paçoca
  • having lunch at school with sis on days we had tests
  • math classes in 9th grade - bernardo and I would spend the entire class reading and writing fanfiction together
  • mental breakdowns over upcoming physics tests
  • Mrs. Harker saying that she loved reading my stories because she loved glee and singing
  • playing scattergories whenever my friends and I were bored
  • watching the pursuit of happyness on my marketing class and trying really hard not to cry
  • when I aced my US History (Honors) midterm and my teacher - Ms. Scioli, best teacher in the world - asked everyone in the class to give me a round of applause because not only was it a big deal on its own, but me being a foreigner made it that much extraordinary
  • when I had a math test and the teacher allowed us to finish the test on the following day. I went home and asked my sister to explain to me how to solve a question on the test, she did. I got the question wrong on the next day.
  • writing argumentative essays about anything football related for an entire semester (I don't know how my literature teacher put up with it)
  • writing fanfiction during every single class
  • going to my first american football game
    • Enloe's JV team w/ Brisa
  • leesville's football games, especially the homecoming one + the first one I went to. Brisa went w/ me and we fell in love with two really cute guys who were with some other girls and we talked about them throughout the entire game
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