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“you really have to love words if you’re going to be a writer, because as a writer, you certainly spend a lot of time with words."

my name is coleen. 2003. i admire the sky, poetry and reading with the entirety of my heart. i live for taking photographs to capture memories forever and to look back with happiness. classical novels hold my heart, especially jane austen, as does listening to music. i'm studying to be a teacher and i love learning new things everyday, even if they are little facts.

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music : yung pleit, taylor swift, fiona apple, beabadoobee, ysbtril, five seconds of summer, lxst, clairo, wallows, yung ev, kpop, chase atlantic.

hobbies : writing, reading, watching sunsets, listening to music, taking photographs, staying organized, watching films, movie reviews.

misc : finding new books to read, book stores, the moon, clean linens, studio ghibli, hanging out with friends, poetry, sweet tea, the ocean.

media : your lie in april, kiki's delivery service, violet evergarden, the summer i turned pretty, bambi, guillermo del toro's pinocchio, bridgerton,

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gratitude practice and expression may benefit our mind, body, and soul. having a grateful mindset boosts wellness, fosters empathy, and promotes an upbeat approach on life.january

  • i am grateful that i have my family.
  • i am grateful that the sun rises.
  • i am grateful for the air in my lungs.
  • i am grateful for books and poetry.
  • i am grateful for the stars in the sky.
  • i am grateful for food and nutrients.
  • i am grateful for my friends.
  • i am grateful to further my education.


  • i am grateful for my loved ones.
  • i am grateful to be alive.
  • i am grateful to watch the sunset.
  • i am grateful for water.
  • i am grateful for music & film.
  • i am grateful for my animals.
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