• actress/model on cookbook(post links to my videos of travel when popular-use intstagram for fashion and filmography/photography
  • interior decorator
  • art director
  • writer/dietician
  • dance choreographer
  • missionary
nov 22 2015 ∞
jan 2 2017 +
  • a simple cross on the back of my neck or some symbol of nordic roots
  • a phrase on my wrist, scripture or favorite quote
  • a moon on my ankle or a mandala on my foot
may 15 2015 ∞
jul 10 2015 +
  • Hike Machu Picchu, get an alpaca sweater
  • Go to Costa Rica
  • Meet up with people in foreign places, have outstanding adventures and new experiences!
  • Fix yard by May, paint green outside by June
  • Missionary work
  • Take every business opportunity, focus on art √
  • Finish school/transfer
  • Make a big move this year √
  • Visit FREINDS in Portland √
  • Sugarfree January(didn't happen lol)
  • Have 2 art showings, or get work in other cities
  • Have a picnic √
  • see anarose before moving √
  • meet Laura Marling
jan 3 2015 ∞
feb 18 2016 +


  • Climbing trees
  • Snorkeling for the first time
  • Eating at Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • The hotel and free food-amazing
  • Flamingos, swans, and parrots.
  • Getting dole-whip at the Dole plantation


  • Feeding puffer fish
  • Seeing wild humpback whales
  • Driving around the island to the more rural areas
  • The fresh pineapple and chocolate covered macadamia nuts
  • ABC store.
  • Waking up in the morning while it was still dark out and having chocolate milk and mini donuts for breakfast


nov 10 2011 ∞
jun 12 2013 +
  • I’m no longer going to finish books that lose my interest. I trust I learned what I needed to learn.
  • I'm no longer going to feel guilty for leaving food on my plate. Instead, I'll listen to my body.
  • I'm no longer going to ignore my inner voice. I'll act on my intuitive urges.
  • I'm no longer going to listen to others’ opinions about my life. I'll do what feels right for me.
  • I am no longer going to worry about money. I'll always have everything I need, and I allow abundance to flow.
  • I'm no longer going to think my life is off track. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
  • I'm no longer going to perceive my flaws as negative qualities. My imperfections are what make me a gorgeous human.
  • I'm no longer going to deflect compliment...
jul 10 2015 ∞
jul 10 2015 +
  • sweet innocent children
  • games of tag
  • playgrounds
  • sunsets
  • life
  • boyfriend
  • my creativity and all that I have done with it
  • the feeling of bleached hair
  • love
  • starry nights
  • fog
  • looking classy
  • playing video games on giant projector screens
  • late nights and pizza
  • all the people Ive already met this year
  • people are great
  • Every month is so pure and special Im in love with the days everyday
  • hiking in the rain
jun 2 2015 ∞
jul 10 2015 +
list icon
  • Do you love yourself? Why?

Yes, because I am an important source of love and I believe it is healthy to love ones body since it was a gift and at the same time I love myself for being healthy.

  • How can you love yourself more today?

I need to find ways to be a better person rather than writing them down, I would love myself more today if I had continued talking on the phone to a relative rather than telling them I only called to ask a question.

  • What is your ideal self? What does it mean to be your highest self?

I am not high. I don't know if people are necessarily equal or not, I believe we are meant to be equal and to have unconditional love for one another but at the sam...

sep 14 2012 ∞
oct 18 2013 +
  • thankful for the beautiful light that shines through children reflecting the bright people they will be in the future. I want to work with kids this age. I love so much for little girls once like me.
  • when I go to iceland I need to get myself the new s5 and take all sorts of camera equipment. Spend time in solitude and with others. It will be AMAZING no matter who you go with. Its about perspective. Not all trips are taken with others. Look up list "what you need for iceland" before going
  • Virgos are known for your ability to be highly discriminating -- especially when it comes to matters of personal desire. When Virgo is ready, however, to say yes, the laser-like focus of your passion is anything but prudish.
jun 20 2015 ∞
oct 5 2015 +
  • slept in the tree
  • jumped off the roof
  • went to a little people convention(they were doing cartwheels)
  • saw through my eyelids when I was awake while sleeping
  • ran around with a dead fish making it fly with Autumn
  • looked for a pen in my shoe while I met Joe from The Horrors then gently cried
  • swam with a wild sea turtle, hammerheads, and dolphins
  • swam in an ocean during jellyfish season while it was raining at night time and sang(i wish life were always that way)
  • was driven through a river in the back of a truck
  • spent all day taking a bus by myself to go to a concert I was too young to get into and didn't even have a ticket to and ended up getting in with the singer walking...
dec 2 2011 ∞
feb 18 2016 +
  • Stay in that big tropical rental house in Costa Rica
  • The night hike to Adams Peak, Sri Lanka in March
  • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam in November
  • Borobudur, Java, Indonesia in February
  • New Orleans, Louisiana when the fireflies are out√
  • Snorkle at Jellyfish Lake, Palau in June.
  • Visit Kaffismidja Islands cafe in Iceland
  • Hike to Machu Picchu, Peru.
  • Visit the rivers of Norway in Summer.
  • Travel Ireland in September
  • Time-lapse in Yosemite, CA
  • Eat in Italy and view all of the old cities. √
  • Go to Abbey Road in London and celebrate Beatles week.√
  • Celebrate Holi in India.
dec 30 2011 ∞
sep 6 2015 +
dec 22 2012 ∞
mar 6 2013 +