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i go by dlow, but that's on the dlow. i enjoy cold coffee, summer, illicit activity, running, the ocean if i can see through it, driving around, clothes, $$$, my friends, laughing, traveling, and much more.

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"you're so skinny," ...tell me something I don't know. I gained ten pounds in six months, but I've stopped working out or sticking to a muscle diet. I haven't lost any of the weight (thank god), but it's time to begin again.

  • Wake up and drink a bottle of water a day, it helps refresh your muscles after a night of drought.
  • Make breakfast EVERY morning, switch between eggs, oatmeal, and kashi, they all provide protein and that way I don't get sick of one of them.
  • Speaking of making breakfast, SLEEP, I need at least eight hours a night, which means waking up a little earlier to make my breakfast :)
  • Work out at least three days a week, then move to every other day. I know this will be challenging in the beginning, but being diligent will pay off.
  • Get protein shakes, they're basically magic (and why I gained five pounds in three weeks).
  • Weigh yourself only once a week, looking everyday provides inaccurate results, once a week gives an actual report.
  • Eat every 3 hours, and eat at least 2500 calories a day!
  • Ice cream for dessert and milk before bed, for extra measure

Good luck! I wanna see five pounds by mid February :)

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