top ideas:

  • breathe/pocket watch @ 2am- thigh
  • nina bruja - right under boob
  • storm moon symbol - upper shoulder
  • full moon/half moon
  • something about the sea/of the sea
  • jeff: "i don't want the world to see me" + bird
  • deathly hallows
  • shakespeare


  • "i must be a mermaid. i have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living"
  • "no one told you when to run you missed the starting gun"
  • "you who are my home" / "you remind me of home"
  • aldous huxley
  • apt number, minutae: flb
    • teacup heart covered in cracks / just teacup covered in cracks
    • globe lamp
  • fleur de lis / iris
  • hello sweetie in circular gallifreyan
  • hourglass - super simple shape behind ear
  • mad girls love song
    • "sung me moonstruck"
    • 1950 thunderbird
    • thunderbird
  • moon phases
  • quotation marks on back of ankles
  • red outline of something (anchor)
  • rose/flowers
  • something adorable on the back of my neck (i.e. cupcake)
  • mermaid
  • words/numbers down the back of my spine
  • x and o on the back of my ankles in red


  • inner bicep
  • short title of something on the upper back
  • upper back/neck
  • upper side thigh

literary half sleeve:

  • "not all those who wander are lost" + compass or something
  • a tattoo based on the gargoyle
  • datta. dayadhvam. damyata. shantih shantih shantih (the wasteland)
  • don't let the bastards grind you down - latin version
  • shakespeare quote (antony & cleopatra??)
    • let me be that i am and seek not to alter me
aug 3 2011 ∞
may 3 2016 +