this is an account for ensemble stars translations! specifically, it's an account for translating:

◆ dialogue (manga or game)

◆ screencaps

◆ menu items

◆ miscellaneous japanese

◆ announcements

◆ monthly radio segments

◆ anything else enstars-related!

◆ fanart / works (within reason!!)

we're both still learning japanese, so if possible, please do not take translations posted here as official or flawless translations. if you do understand japanese, and you notice we have mistranslated, please let us know if you don't mind! we won't take offense at all, and we really appreciate your patience!

if you have any questions about ensemble stars, japanese in general, or anything else (within reason :o) we will do our bes...

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  • if you can't get into your game , check the message. if it reads:
    • 現在メンテナンスを行っております。 時間等は公式ツイッターアカウントでご確認ください - the game is undergoing maintenance in preparation for the new event. this will last for a couple of hours. nobody can get in at that time.
    • ネットワークに接続できません - your phone can't connect to the internet / data, OR enstars is undergoing server issues. check that your wifi / data is functioning properly, and wait a few minutes before opening the app again.
  • if you're wondering where the enstars manga (chapter 4) is
    • mod mitsuru, the mod who scanlates the manga, is a full-time student. i'll do my best to translate previews, but, if it isn't on the masterlist, i likely haven't go...
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◆ where's my translation? you never did mine!

- please wait about a week or so! i may sometimes be busy with translating other things, or my life, so i'm very sorry if i don't respond to your request quickly! if you wait a week, and your request still isn't done, please send it again! i might have missed it (i'm a little clumsy)!

◆ i can't get into my account, and i forgot my transfer code / i bought dias, but i never got them / i'm having trouble with my game! how do i resolve this?

- you will need to email happy elements to resolve the problem! unfortunately, you cannot email them in english, but i can definitely help you recover your account or dias! direct message me and i can help you :-)

◆ i can't get into my game! why is it giving me an error message?

- if the message reads 'ネットワークに接続できません...

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(block "(nontl)" on tweetdeck if you want to only see translations)

◆ 4koma (released every wednesday!)

- chapters 1~25:

- chapter ??, hajime and nazuna's case:

- chapter ??, hokuto and subaru's case:

- chapter ??, 'smart glasses' subunit's case:

- chapter ??, 'scions' subunit's case:

- chapter ??, kuro and tetora's case:

- chapter ??, adonis and mitsuru's case:

- chapter ??, shinobu's case:

- chapter ??, tsukasa and arashi's case:

- chapter ??, hajime and subaru's case:

- chapter ??, koga and hinata's case:

- chapter ??, ritsu and izumi's case:

- chapter 32, the marine life club's case:

- chapter 32, the theater club's case:

- chapter 33, the light music club's case...

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