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  • Real state, sheets & shoes are purchases always worth investing in because you spend your life in them.
  • In fashion, the V's come before the L's. Versatility & Variety are more important in a wardrobe than Labels.
  • Drink water. Just drink water. You'll feel so much better and your life will get so much better too.
  • People do not have to think like you. Just because you have different passions in life doesn't mean theirs are less worthy. Instead of blabbering about "how you don't understand", you should actually try to. And if you still don't, just respect their passion.
  • Don't judge people for not prioritizing what you would. If someone is not interested in immersing themselves in the world of art, literature, fashion, music or anything you think is mandatory for yourself that doesn't mean they are somehow wrong, ignorant or uninteresting.
  • You are not tied to the relationships you've got. There are no invisible lines that obliges you to stay connected with a person or a group. You can remove yourself from social situations you find uncomfortable even though they're made up from your friends/family.
  • It is okay not to know stuff. You don't have to read every classic, listen to every critic acclaimed musician or see every series/movie pop culture tells you you should. It doesn't make you uninteresting or ignorant not to.
  • Sometimes it's good to listen to other people's opinions even if they don't match your own.
  • People do not owe you an explanation for their actions, feelings or thoughts when they're not related to you. And if you must ask for an explanation, accept that they have the rights to deny you one.
  • If you know someone for a long time the familiarity may cloud how you feel about them in the moment. They may have done something terrible to you as of recently, but you still may feel yourself being easily transported to a time where they were the best thing you had.
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