A somewhat to-do list conjoined with some observations and impressions about the month of November and what I accomplished throughout this month.

  • Go to Vila's Amusement Park

Turns out the park was very small and boring, so I decided very early on in the month not to go.

  • Gather all my documents from my old school to take it to college.

Unfortunately due to some upsetting circumstances I wasn't able to gather all of them, but I did do my part, so I'll consider it a success... for now.

  • Post one picture a day on instagram

It's actually really hard to instagram everyday and still keep it interesting. So I kinda gave up on this by the 20th. I could have kept going but I'm actually pretty overwhelmed by others aspects of my life already

  • Take Duolingo french lessons everyday this month (hard)

I knew going into it that it would be hard, but even though I failed I got a better understanding about how I prefer to study. Studying as a task by the end of the day when I'm already tired it's not really productive for me, so I can do it, I just need a better strategy

  • Study for my job application

I overestimated how much time I'd have this month, but I'll make sure to study in December... I think.

  • Keep a diary throughout November

I still have one week or so to update it, but I think I did well... barely.

  • Take pictures of/with my friends

To put it simply, I just did not remember to do so.

  • Finish four books
    • O Crime do Padre Amaro
    • The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
    • Call Me By Your Name
    • The Ghost of Buxton Manor

A lot of gay books this month, thank god

  • Write Juliana's letter

Very last minute, I did my best though.

Final thoughts: I had a very rough October. I mean... rough. It was not smooth whatsoever and I had a lot to get worried over, so I thought I'd make November a great month. Well... turns out you can't just choose how your month will turnout. I've learned it's hard to control even how your day will turnout, so a whole month it's quite the task. I actually liked October, I feel like, even tough it seems like I have more X's then check's, I actually accomplished a lot and learned quite a bit too. No idea what I want for December, since I burnt myself out, but even though Mercury will be on retrograde I feel hopeful for some laughs & quite a bit of rest. Take time for yourself, Gabriel.

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