• December 1, a very explosive aspect that can be expressed as anger or in physical ways

I got into a quite significant fight w/ my mom about her triggering my anxiety w/ subtle hints of serious bussiness that she'll later dissmiss.

  • December 3, bring me closer to your sibling or cousin/ asked to sign a contract

Nothing of the sort happened.

  • December 18, travel/learning experience/college/sharing knowledge.

I had my finals which it was a learning experience, but what I really found out about myself was my resilience. I don't think I need half of what I thought I did.

  • December 21, very good day or very hard day, intense experience.

Not one of my friends seemed to be available, feeling quite sad and alone, not a very nice experience at my hair saloon, walked home in the rain, nobody is really paying attetion to me.

  • December 25, likely to enjoy Christmas.

Yeah, I did. It wasn't as I expected but it was a good Christmas.

  • December 27-28, will stand out as magically romantic

Okay, now I'm actually finding this experiment weird, because even though I could interpret other astrological "premonitions" into my day before, you can't really interpret romance where there isn't. On the 28th I was approached by two different people on social apps, even though I've used it for some days... It was really strange that happened right on these days. I guess it was maybe because I was kinda expecting it. One friend told me once that all I had to do was open myself for whatever might happen and things would happen, so I guess it must be true to some extent.

  • January 1, celebration for all those you know and love in your home/important and joyous moment.
  • On New Year’s Eve, someone may give you a beautiful, valuable gift, or you may buy something special for yourself that you have saved up to afford.

It was a lovely time. Goodbye 2017.

dec 1 2017 ∞
jan 1 2018 +