• 4th & 5th, Great day for a romance

Nothing truly special happened. I'm not sure if it was my fault or what, but I'm not too upset about it if I'm being honest.

  • 13th, Great day to bargain a money deal/Buy something expensive

Mom left me twenty bucks, my friend bought me a lollipop and papers, another colleague forgot her change w/ me also, so I guess it really was good Money day for me. Yes, I did return my friend's change later, even though she forgot about it herself.

  • 16th, Great day to meet someone truly special

I have no recollection of any special interaction that might have taken place on the 16th, I should really keep up with these dates or otherwise I just won't remember to remember.

  • 18th, Time to cooperate

My horoscope said it was time to cooperate... and cooperate I did. Even though I really felt like spending today alone, by myself, thinking only of me, life had other plans. My aunt called on me, she asked me if I was able to play cards w/ her and so I did. Not because my horoscope said so, but because I've felt like I had no choice. Well... She is lonely and today I could help so I did and that's all that is to it, really. All I can do now is hope for good karma.

  • 29th & 30th, Sensitive days, be careful how you handle things

I was actually approached by a friend on the 29th because she was quite upset w/ me because of some stupid shit relating to our college work, and if she did'nt we would probably have gotten ourselves into a even bigger fight.Things between us are still quite sensitive though, but it's fine 'cause I don't plan on streching myself out for anything but the extraordinary.

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