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Well, what better way to tell you about myself than with a list...

* I am currently a design student living in Chicago.
* Iowa is my home.
* I have a fraternal twin who is two minutes younger than me.
* I work at an art supply store.
* Rarely do I get an adequate amount of sleep.
* I procrastinate like it's my job.
* I enjoy boardgames- especially SCRABBLE.
* Music makes my world go 'rou...

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Some things just make me soooo happy.

  • curling up with a sweater and a steaming mug of hot chocolate in the dead of winter (as we speak).
  • spending hours looking in every nook and cranny of a thrift store.
  • reading a book that is impossible to put down.
  • sleeping in a hammock on a cool summer day.
  • whenever a film or book is moving enough to make me cry.
  • the feeling of having nothing to do and nowhere to go, and never being bored with life (it's been a while since i've experienced this).
  • nostalgia.
  • being able to see at least one person every day whose friendship i truly treasure.
  • singing in the shower.
  • singing in the shower and not having my roommates complain about it.
  • drawing or creating with my hands.
  • making strangers smile.
  • hearing music that is powerful enough to make my head float and my body tremble.
  • meeting new and fascinating people.
  • making lists (can you tell?)
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