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Well, what better way to tell you about myself than with a list...

* I am currently a design student living in Chicago.
* Iowa is my home.
* I have a fraternal twin who is two minutes younger than me.
* I work at an art supply store.
* Rarely do I get an adequate amount of sleep.
* I procrastinate like it's my job.
* I enjoy boardgames- especially SCRABBLE.
* Music makes my world go 'rou...

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  • fabric softener
  • freshly mowed lawn
  • buttercream vanilla scent (from Pier 1)
  • newly washed hair
  • thrift stores
  • old books
  • new books
  • my grandma's house
  • meat cooking
  • freshly baked bread
  • coffee brewing
  • cookies/brownies baking
  • black and milds
  • chocolate
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