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Well, what better way to tell you about myself than with a list...

* I am currently a design student living in Chicago.
* Iowa is my home.
* I have a fraternal twin who is two minutes younger than me.
* I work at an art supply store.
* Rarely do I get an adequate amount of sleep.
* I procrastinate like it's my job.
* I enjoy boardgames- especially SCRABBLE.
* Music makes my world go 'rou...

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  • excessive humidity
  • colored dress shirts with white collars
  • toilet paper rolled under (rather than over)
  • oversung karaoke songs
  • hypocrites (even though I am one)
  • stand-up comedians whose routines only rely on cursing and shock value to be funny
  • those who try too hard to make inside jokes
  • societal pressure to be in a relationship
  • paper cuts and hangnails
  • snobs
  • impatient drivers
  • the cost of living in a big city
  • overpriced beer
  • being indoors when the weather is nice
  • throwing away what can be recycled
  • waking up early
  • awkward silence while riding in elevators
  • cleaning my apartment
  • how easily I sweat
  • not being able to see my family as often as I would like
  • the occasionally gut-wrenching nostalgia that makes me extremely sad, obsessively reminiscent, and wishing I could go back in time and relive certain moments all over again
  • songs remixed to sound like the Chipmunks are singing them
  • packing/unpacking
  • getting sick, being sick, & getting over being sick
  • doing laundry, especially folding clothes
  • feeling like I've wasted my time on my days off of work
  • the societal taboo against pornography
  • those who cannot appreciate (or at least understand) sarcasm
  • cliché tattoos
  • overpriced thrift stores
  • the fact that wherever I live has never and probably will never look like a page out of an IKEA catalog
  • those attending concerts who wear T-shirts of the band they are going to see play
  • the white crusty gunk around the top of milk containers
  • mushrooms
  • those who act as if they are privileged to more than they should be
  • not making enough money at my job
  • excessively hip hipsters
  • those who talk way too much
  • burning my tongue
  • being late for work
  • my consistently poor eating habits
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feb 4 2011 +
user picture Fabiana: I really hate the societal pressure to be in a relationship too. When I go to my grandma's house, she's always like "And what about your boyfriends, Fabiana?"... It seems like a person can only be truely happy when she dates somebody. ¬¬ jun 4 2010
user picture gilbertgrape: I know exactly what you mean! But I've been single for quite a while now, and I'm perfectly happy... jun 9 2010
user picture natalie: i absolutely hate the inside joke one. or when the people who have inside jokes go crazy over them, conveniently forgetting you're there. gahh. jun 16 2010
user picture nysh: the inside joke thing. i do hate it but don't know what to call it until this list. when people do this, i just think about something awesome, until the jokes done or until they bother to share. aug 25 2010