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Well, what better way to tell you about myself than with a list...

* I am currently a design student living in Chicago.
* Iowa is my home.
* I have a fraternal twin who is two minutes younger than me.
* I work at an art supply store.
* Rarely do I get an adequate amount of sleep.
* I procrastinate like it's my job.
* I enjoy boardgames- especially SCRABBLE.
* Music makes my world go 'rou...

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These are just some of the websites I frequent whenever I'm looking for a distraction from what it is that I really need to be doing:

  • Awkward Family Photos
    • A wonderful collection of hilariously awkward pictures. Makes me laugh every time.
  • Axe Cop
    • An amazing web comic that is drawn by 29-year-old artist Ethan Nicolle, and- most importantly- is written by his 5-year-old brother. A winning combination of a professional comic look and a ludicrous storyline.
  • Confused Matthew
    • Not your average movie and TV reviews. Just watch how Matthew rips apart the Star Wars prequels.
  • Craftster
    • A place I go to look at all the creative, artsy things that I'll never do.
  • F My Life
    • If you haven't seen this yet, you are missing out! What joy there is to be gained from other people's misfortune...
  • Funny or Die
  • Man Babies
    • Strange, strange, strange. But must be seen.
  • My Life is Average
    • Similar to F My Life, just much more average.
  • Oddee
    • This is a place where you could (and I have) spend all day clicking on link after link. So many lists of the weird and wonderful.
  • Oddly Specific
    • Hilarious viewer-submitted pictures of signs that are sometimes just a little too unusual.
  • Post Secret
    • An interesting social experiment. I always wonder what the back story is behind some of these postcards...
  • Stuff White People Like
    • Yes, the same as the the book. So funny and so true.
  • TED
    • TED is a great project/convention/website devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading." All the videos are free and cover an enormous variety of topics.
  • This is Why You're Fat
    • By far, one of my recent favorites. Just imagine- every unhealthy food you can think of, smashed together between two buns.....and then covered in bacon and deep fried for the hell of it!
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apr 25 2010 +
user picture encre: I absolutely adore TED. :) apr 27 2010
user picture gilbertgrape: It is wonderful! I feel so much smarter after watching any of the talks- they really make you think!
user picture K: I love awkwardfamilyphotos. Tooooo funny! may 4 2010
user picture gilbertgrape: I was just looking at the Awkward Family Photos book today at the bookstore. I believe they just released the book form on Tuesday! may 6 2010
user picture ashleigh hawke: YES! Great sites, a few I've never heard of, now I'll really never leave my computer! may 10 2010