the hollow bones that hug my skin, inside-out, aren't a good place to grow roots. so don't get comfortable.


brandi , kei, juno

✮ enfj, chaotic evil

✮ pan, demi, they/she

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"youre like a list of things i shouldn't be sharing"- danny

" i know my room is a mess, over and over again i tell myself i'll clean tomorrow,,,, but first open up a window for me and let the cool air in, feel the night slip in,,,, and i hope you leave right before the sun comes up so i can watch it alone. " -bag of bones: mitski

" so please, hurry leave me, i can't breath. please don't say you love me. " - first love/last spring: mitski

" i was in love with my bestfriend, since october, didn't act on it once but i knew, kinda felt like you did too. " - poets remorse: falls creek

" every time the sun comes up, im in trouble " - every time the sun comes up: sharon van etten

" i need to purge my urges. shame,shame, shame. i need a alibi; to justify, somebody to blame " - alien blues: vundabar

it’s so hard to be good for your age, when you know that your works not good enough for the stage. got the skills of an idiot who got too mu... and your whole damn career just turns int... " -average: sushi soucy

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they/she ju-no

Ⅰ. mitski enthusiast, apple juice fanatic

Ⅱ. writer , fluent in sarcasm and hate speech

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