• Snarky Maknae Alert
  • does not like doing aegyo
    • "(Does Hyuk do a lot of aegyo?) Hyuk: Me? (Stifled laugh) No."
  • has stated he finds it hard to express himself and his feelings sincerely to fans, but has been improving recently
    • (2013) "I’m a bit dull on emotions so I don’t have an exact reaction."
    • (2014) "Originally, I wasn’t able to show myself to fans well, but recently, I’ve gradually realized just how thankful I am for fans and their thanks, and I really feel that thankfulness."
  • has a positive attitude; values 'enjoying the moment' the most in life
  • continually states that he wants others to think he is happy living an idol life as a teenager
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  • 18th july, 2014: hyuk performs a duet with ravi at vixx's first concert, titled 'memory' . it is hyuk's first vocal solo. ♡
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"While they had already established a sense of teamwork, I joined and interrupted it. More than enjoying it, I just continued practicing despite thinking about how tough it was. I felt pressured, and wanted to avoid it."

  • MyDol

"A goal you want to achieve in your 20s: Becoming someone else’s dream."

"Your wings will appear as large as you make them."


"Every minute I feel like I’m living a miracle. If I had to talk about a specific moment, then I’d say being born to my parents who allowed me to live this life."

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