• When they lock themselves out of their damn rooms 3974238974 times whenever I am working the desk. I don't thing they realize that they are being charged $5.00 everytime they check out a key. Whatever, more money for the social fund. But seriously, how about you become a responsible adult and keep track of the KEY TO YOUR ROOM? Being dumb isn't cute anymore.
  • When they walk up to the desk and just look at whoever is working. No "Hi, can I check out a DVD" or "Hi, I need to return this" they just sit there and look at you. Plus, I'm always doing homework at the desk, so I'm always looking down and I look up to scratch my head or something and someone is just standing there being all socially awkward watching me. Scary and annoying.
  • When they walk up to the desk and say something completely ambiguous like "Is somebody going to fix that light up there?" And I'm like "WHAT light up WHERE?" There are four floors in this building and I don't have tabs on which lights are out and which are working. How about you be a little more specific next time?
  • When they are being REALLY loud after quiet hours and I go to shut their doors and I'm like "Hey, I'm just going to shut your door because you are being loud and it's after quiet hours." and they just give you the bitchiest look and they're like "okay?"
  • When they walk by my door and they're get all quiet because they are talking about how drunk they got this weekend, even though I could hear them the whole time they were coming down the hall. And, like I care. I'm not going to write you up for drinking last weekend. I'm not here just to discipline you.
  • Along those same lines, when a resident is just rude to you because your an RA. They don't seem to understand that we aren't just there to punish them and we aren't out to get them. It almost makes me sad, because we are here to make freshman year more fun and safe and educational and they just see us as cops. Sad.
  • When they tear down cute decorations that you put up for holidays. That is the worst. I hate when I spend hours trying to make the dorm more home-y and someone comes and rips it all down. Sorry, I was just trying to make this a better place! I won't next time.
  • When they take candy from the desk/ come to floor snack and don't even say Hi or thank you or anything.
  • When they run in the halls. It is so so so loud.
  • When they slam their doors and it scares the shit out of me.
  • When they make huge messes and assume it is our or Mary's responsibility to clean up after them.
  • When they assume that being an RA is my whole life, and I just have all this time to plan programs for them and make meeting times with them. Sometimes they don't realize that I am a student too and I have a life. Sometimes, I can't make exceptions for you, unless I get to skip a class I hate for it =)
  • When they take laundry out of the dryers and it isn't dry! So selfish.
  • When they try to lie to you and tell you they are not drinking in their room, even when the room reeks of alcohol and you heard bottles being hid when you knocked on the door. Dumbasses.
  • When they assume you are like a phone book or Google or something. They'll ask "Does Red Robin deliver?" or "What is the cross street between Broadway and Higgins" and I'm like I don't know and they look at me like I'm a dumbass. geeez
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