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Don't like -

  • application forms
  • sunny weather after a rain
  • waiting for a long response regarding something urgent
  • telephone calls
  • wearing girly clothes when not in the mood
  • discontinued plans
  • dishonesty

People -

  • who fake accents
  • proud rich bastards
  • ultra-girly, flirty bitches
  • perv guys
  • habitual late people with fail alibis
  • pretentious sons of bitches who act really good and sweet in front of you
  • demanding and know-it-all
  • who like to please everybody (being too nice to everyone that makes him an everybody's man)
  • who think they have logic in everything that they do, but the truth is, they are illogical
  • loud people
  • who imitate others and not give any credit at all
  • touchy people (except for people that I like)
  • who tries too much to get attention (i.e. underwent a surgery just to be adored by many, pretends to be in another persona that he thinks is likeable)
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