many people say they don’t comment on fics bc they don’t know what to say or what the reader would wanna hear so here’s a short thread on what you can say in a comment on someone’s fic you’ve read

  • a simple thank you. no comment is too big or too smal. trust me, all the writer wants to do is hear from their audience. if all you want to say is “thanks for this i really loved it!” then please. Please. do that. it means more than you know.
  • your favorite part. oh man!! PLEASE tell them about your favorite part!! the beauty of this is, it varies from reader to reader. a writer would love to know which part stuck out to you the most. if you have a fav part, do tell!
  • your emotions as you read. most of the time when you read a fic, you feel something. some form of an emotion. when you’re finished reading, let the writer know wh...
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