• delete phone apps
  • delete phone photos
  • back up phone photos
  • make space in dropbox
  • clean your computer with ccleaner
  • read through pocket articles
  • clean out your bookmarks
  • organize your bookmarks
  • delete tweets, posted photos, statuses, and the like
  • get to inbox zero
    • hint: use folders
  • unsubscribe from everything you do not read
  • use a finances manager like mint. learn to budget.
  • ruthlessly purse your friends list. conduct other acts of digital silencing on all platforms. learn to no longer complain about the noise of everyone. remember you have a choice.


  • clean a junk drawer/box
  • dust and rearrange a shelf
  • neaten your toiletries
  • refold your linens (but perhaps avoid fitted sheets)
  • pick your clothes off the floor
  • sanitize your computer
  • organize your computer files
  • replace your sheets with white ones. replacements are easy to find and you can throw everything in the washer and add bleach. bring in color via duvet and pillow case covers. big white beds are happy places.
  • go through your closet. separate the things you wear all the time from those you don't. separate the things that are out of season with those you're wearing now. you don't have to throw them out yet. get some boxes and store the things you're not wearing. when the season changes, only retrieve the items that come to mind (do NOT go through the entire box). after a year, look at everything you never thought of. now get rid of them. their sentiment has already been lost.
  • iron your pants.


  • meditate
  • drink water all day long (make sure you have a toilet too)
  • make a list of everything bothering you right now, preferably digital. write it somewhere you periodically come across but not very often. you'll forget about it, then one day you'll come across it again. read it, and think about how small all your fears and anxieties were in hindsight. contemplate why we let ourselves get so caught up in things that will not ruin us. be a stronger person after this exercise.
  • make a list of all the foods that make you feel good. then separate them into things that are healthy and are not. concentrate on expanding the former and leave the latter for days when you need to lift yourself up a bit. by practising restraint, you will enjoy them more.
  • buy or bring out an alarm clock. when you go to sleep, turn your phone off and put it away in a drawer or in your bag. learn to wake up without a phone (no phone alarms! no immediate notification reading!)
  • allow yourself to become the person you have become or want to be. your life is yours and no one else has the power or right to dictate the life you live (they see your life as a manipulation of their own). when people note these changes out loud, take strength from them and do not doubt yourself. rid yourself of the relics of your past. come to peace with the choices you have made. you do not have to die to live another life. there is one inside this one you wander in right now.


  • make a list or find a website for all the books you've read, you're reading, and what you want to read. do the same for movies.
  • make a map of all the places you've been. either buy a map and stick sewing straight pins on it or make a digital map in google maps. include all the places in between.


  • sketch and draw. as a physical act, it leaves your mind to become a great blank space.
  • make a material wish list. be specific and include the actual item and the price. then let the list sit. feel free to add or subtract from it. the purpose of the list is that you understand what you really want or need. if something stays on the list for more than 6 months, when the price is right go ahead and get it. and then be conscious of how you feel after getting it. do you feel happier (usually not)? has it filled an empty part in your life or elevated a task? make shopping a conscious effort. learn to only let beautiful things into your life.
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