I am one of the worse titlers that ever lived.

  • The Cynics: A Memoir
  • The Intellectuals: A Memoir
    • "I'm a qualifier, not an extremist."
  • The Lipscomb Files
  • Arguing Physics
  • Art and Physics
  • The Absolutely True Story of How I Died at Antietam and Fought In the Holocaust: A History of Errers
  • A Summation of Differences
  • Penultimate Behaviour
  • Language of the Apocalypse
  • A Plebeian Like Me
  • Memoirs from Watching the World Burn
  • Gas Food Lodging
  • Love Bends a Little
  • A Finer Shade of Grey
    • __People are under the assumption and the trap of human consciousness that demands everything to be black and white. But the truth is that all the world is gray, and though some parts may be a finer shade of gray the distinction eludes us all.
  • Strange Eye
  • The Death of the American


  • A Geography
    • Lyfe
  • Observations
    • Containing poems that begin with "An observation on..."
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