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  • be a 'Tumbleweed' at Shakespeare and Co. Paris
  • fall in love
  • find a forest and become completely lost
  • find a perfect vintage bike. Ride it more regularly than driving
  • go on an art tour in Italy
  • go to Antarctica
  • have a party for my 18th. Theme: Marie Antoinette
  • live in Paris for a year at least
  • master another language
  • meet Eddie Redmayne
  • own a bakery
  • paint a book for children (like Beatrix Potters tales)
  • ride the carousel in Paris
  • see sadness in someones eyes and fix it
  • send a message in a bottle
  • study overseas
  • take up saxophone as a hobby again (I miss it)
  • teach myself the language of the stars
  • visit Lake District
  • visit the 20 most beautiful bookshops in the world
  • work as a character at Disneyland (oh such high hopes)
  • write a book
  • to partake in a honey harvest
mar 4 2012 ∞
oct 1 2013 +
user picture tangles: magical list! mar 12 2012
user picture carina maree: why thank you! mar 24 2012
user picture Josephine: I feel slightly more magical because of you: I've done some kind of art tour in Vienna (but the tour guide was wrong about a painting and she was upset that I knew better), I rode the carousel in Paris in Montmartre, I may have made somebody happier and I'm learning bits of astronomy each day. Sometimes we don't realise the little things we do are so wonderful and one of a kind in their own way. And yay somebody else that is 17! Take care xx dec 28 2012
user picture carina maree: Oh wow! I am quite envious of you. But I am happy that you feel a little more magical :) And you are very correct, I have started to write down such little things that I do which normally pass my mind. Wow! yay it is lovely to know you are also 17. I wish you all the best with the new year xx dec 31 2012