• being grounded for things that are out of my control.
  • having a great time playing dodge ball and basketball and then being punished for it by being in excruciating pain the next day.
  • having the boy that i like also be my best friend.
    • the fact that EVERYONE know this.
  • crazy bitches with big noses.
  • knowing that my friends are hanging out a block away from my house and not being able to join them.
  • being bitten by vicious puppies.
  • bad dreams. they haunt me for weeks.
  • when other people are upset and i can't fix it.
  • when people don't use common sense and make stupid decisions.
  • when people make these decisions and then blame other people.
  • when people tell me multiple times that they are going to do something and then they don't.
  • when i get my hopes up and i am let down.
  • when i try to do something nice for someone and i get bitched at because it wasn't good enough.
  • when people lie to my face and think that i don't know that they're lying.
    • i always know so stop trying.
  • when people think it is perfectly acceptable to get wasted at other people's houses and then proceed to act like douche bags.
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