with help from cristina.

  • fish
  • airplanes
    • how does a massive metal thing stay thousands of feet in the air for hours at a time?
  • how teenagers get away with have sleepovers with their boyfriends/ girlfriends
  • eyes
  • cameras
    • how does it capture the picture and have it look exactly the same as it did in real life?
  • boys
    • why are they all dumbasses?
    • what makes them all think the same way?
  • animals
    • do they think like we do?
  • fashion
    • what makes something "in style"
  • earbuds
    • have you ever left earbuds in a forgotten about them and the music sounds like its coming from inside your head?
      • this one's cristina's
jan 23 2009 ∞
jan 5 2010 +