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everything started when my hands touched yours, and i've done such sad things with my hands since then, and i know you have too. and i know we'll find light in smaller hands than ours one day soon. and i hope our hands grow old in each others. if not, then why have hands, at all?

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victoria (adj.) messy, but in an artistic way.

  • aries sun, virgo moon, sagittarius rising;
  • some might say kth and i are the same person;
  • english major trying to cope;
  • passionate, loud and aloof;
  • remus lupin's secret admirer;
  • 140801 // 150731 // 170319-20
jan 29 2018 ∞
jan 29 2018 +

i write poetry, and i really wrote a lot in 2017. these ones are my favorites right now, they're all about the same person. a few of them are probably going to be in a project i have with two of my bestfriends, but that's just a mental note AND I'M RAMBLING, here we go.

  • everyone knows
  • own me
  • still point
  • made to be loved
  • bags under your eyes
  • reminiscence
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jan 31 2018 +
  • an animal: cat or wolf
  • a scent: amanda's
  • an element: fire
  • a movie: cmbyn
  • a taste: this someone's lips
  • an instrument: piano
  • a drink: tea (iced or not)
  • a month: april
  • a number: 7
  • an object: moonlight lamp
  • a character: remus lupin
  • a planet: jupiter
  • a feeling: peace
  • a sound: his voice
  • a word: dazzling
  • a color: red
  • a direction: forward
  • a season: fall
  • a song: komorebi
jan 29 2018 ∞
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