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everything started when my hands touched yours. and i've done such sad things with my hands since then, and i know you have too. and i know we'll find light in smaller hands than ours one day soon. and i hope our hands grow old in each others. if not, then why have hands, at all?

listography TERMS
bubu beeverse (her in fiction)
amanda 2024 (gay se organiza)
hyejin movies (2024)
nana playlist (2024)
  • an animal: cat/wolf
  • a scent: amanda's
  • an element: fire
  • a movie: kimi no na wa
  • a taste: this someone's lips
  • an instrument: drums
  • a drink: tea (iced or not)
  • a month: april
  • a number: 7
  • an object: moonlight lamp
  • a character: remus lupin
  • a planet: jupiter
  • a feeling: peace
  • a sound: his voice
  • a word: dazzling
  • a color: red
  • a direction: forward
  • a season: fall
  • a song: komorebi
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may 10 2020 +