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  • I'm complicated.
    • I'm indecisive.
  • My pride issues are so overbearing that they need a zip code.
  • I have acid reflux. And no, I don't take my meds for it regularly.
  • Confusion and vagueness are my craft.
  • Teachers say I'm the loudest and laziest Asian student they've ever had.
  • I hate ketchup.
  • Ditto deadlines.
  • Procrastination is my work ethic.
  • I like to bake, but I don't like to eat what I bake.
  • I'm selective about the realities I accept. ;D
  • Airplane turbulence is a source of fun.
  • When I'm quiet there's usually something amiss.
  • I prefer letters over text messages, IMs, or phone calls.
  • I don't always finish my stories.
  • Believe it or not, I write more than I talk.
  • I was kidnapped when I was 7.
  • I still sleep with the night light on. xP
  • A failure at gaining weight. T___T
  • I tend to like things that are not good for me.
  • Emotions are ALWAYS secondary to thinking.
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