• I'm a unicorn!
  • Ano bang kasalanan ni Kuya?
  • Ang Tsinelas ni Kiko
  • Mang Bert, Ang Hari ng Kalsada
  • The Mis-Adventures of Pepe, The Plastic Bag
  • Si Don at ang Butete
  • Super Mong at Duper Dang
  • Minsan, Sa Bangketa ...
  • Ay! Nahulog ang --
  • That Time I Spent The Night At The Mall
  • The Frog with the Longest Tail (written by 8y/o self)
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  • Write a script.

This is for your portfolio. Look, here's some suggestions as to materials you can use. Make a script for one of your shorts. Then, remember that Gapo script you did back in high school? Make something of the sort -- only better! You can use one of your favorite books. I'd recommend "Para Kay B" but you lost your copy. You can borrow Tin's "Amapola" though. DO ONE CHAPTER. WRITE A FROGGING (YES, FROGGING!) SCRIPT FOR Doll Eyes, The Graveyard Book, and/or The Lover's Dictionary. Write a script for a pilot episode of a good TV show. You can do drama and sitcom. OOOOR, sa YT series. ;)

  • Finish one story per month.

You already have your titles and plots. Time to flesh them out and let them live their lives. Your story blog is getting lo...

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  • Museum Cafe (Vargas Museum, UP Diliman)

Food ain't that great anymore though. I'm not even sure if they still let people use their extension cords. OT: Missing the old crowd. On the plus side, everyone's a stranger, the place is in open space so my noisy laptop won't draw attention, the view of the lagoon is still nice, and I can always walk home afterwards.

  • SLIS Library

There is always the danger of someone sitting beside me and chattering away. Then again, I'll be just a few steps away from the Reserve Section.

  • Novaliches

Once a month. Maybe. Yes. Could probably work.

  • New apartment
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  • Resource Speaker

I'm shy. I stutter. I blush and fumble for words. I laugh whenever I make mistakes and repeat them for anyone who didn't notice. Yes, I do all that during a report in class but not when I'm given an audience who are not people I'd spend an entire semester with. I like strangers. With the right topic, I can plow on for hours sharing information, answering questions, and basking in feedback. Especially if the audience is composed of kids. And we are talking about nature and the state of the environment. I know resource speakers aren't wage earners but I do like tokens of appreciation. ;)

  • Copywriter

I'd love to try it though and move my way towards "editorship". More than writing, I love reading and scrutinizing grammar....

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  • One-on-one and online tutorials (sometimes at the same time)

I have nothing against tutors and I have lived off being a tutor for 2 years. I just know that I cannot keep at it for too long. I get antsy, bored, and frustrated -- and that's not even the worse bit. The thing is, it shows and kids get worse because of that. I can do big classes and talks because they don't require intimate interaction with people -- you won't have time to talk to each and everyone, I'm telling you. Plus, the energy is amazing! Probably because it comes from not just one or two people but even tens of unique persons. So yeah, that's why.

  • Call center work

Again, I have nothing against call center agents. It's just not for me -- and that's judging from the fact that I've alread...

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  • Pairs of slacks (brown, black, and beige)
  • Blouses (loose, wrap-around, collared)
  • Blazers
  • Sundresses (yellow, white, blue)
  • LBD :)
  • Spring dresses (stripped, collared)
  • Shorts
  • Belts (wide, cinched)
  • Shoes (sandals, flats, running shoes, high heels, boots)
apr 17 2013 ∞
apr 17 2013 +
  • 2 Broke Girls (currently on S2)
  • Game of Thrones (season break - S3)
  • Glee (currently on S4)
  • How I Met Your Mother (currently on S8)
  • New Girl (currently on S2)
  • Suits (season break - S3)
  • The Newsroom (season break - S2)
  • True Blood (season break - S6)


  • Hellcats
  • House
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