• likes to listen to music alone
  • defence mechanisms [hiding himself; making himself smaller; holding himself; hanging his head; bowing his body]
  • complete collapse when laughing; turning away/lowering his head/covering his face when he smiles and laughs; "jungsuri" (crown fairy/top of the head)
    • "He’s just embarrassed about showing his smile."
    • (confessing a secret) "I’m someone who knows how to smile"
    • Hongbin and N bullying him over his god-like ab quality
  • "He wakes up, changes his clothes and goes back to sleep"
  • particular way of nodding and shaking his head
  • blinking more often when nervous, asserting his answer or when he has nothing to say
  • clapping = go to (and only) variety response
  • flicking his fringe out of his face
  • licking his lips
  • biting his fingertips
  • messing with the artwork
  • twirling
  • rolling his eyes at ken
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