• "I’m still a bit shy when I go out on variety programs. Luckily, I’m thankful that my fans know and understand that I’m actually a kind person. In exchange of that, I work much more harder with singing and dancing on stage."
  • "I normally don’t talk much, but I say what’s important."
  • "There's a person who's a bit scary...The hyung who doesn't talk much is the scariest"
  • "It’s not that I intentionally show a scary expression but I think no matter what my first impression is never a soft one. Sometimes there are also fans who misunderstand so I think I have to fix it."
  • "He focuses and listens, but since he doesn’t expose himself people could think he’s shy. He’s open with us, it took a bit of time but we’re comfortable and close now."
  • "No matter what N hyung and Leo hyung who doesn’t talk (laughs) actually talk the most among us."
  • "As you can see, he’s aloof and composed, expressing emotions and affection is awkward for him! I have never seen him frustrated before (laughs)"
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