Christopher Columbus and other controversies

  • The heart is NOT associated with feelings. Emotions are the Brain's job! "It is my job!!!"
  • Christopher Columbus landed in America, not India. Native Americans are native to America, hence the name.
  • Christopher Columbus actually sailed to America on a pineapple (pina - don't forget the squiggly like - ene - en-yay)
  • A doctor is a type of degree, not just someone who gives pills. "
  • Bangladesh is actually Atlantis. The government just doesn't want us to know.
  • When your food falls off of your pizza, it's a sign from God that you aren't supposed to eat it.
  • Layered cakes are not baked in their layered form. Their layers are baked one by one.
  • Laptops are really rocket ships.
  • Slope-intercept form is called slope intercept form because y=mx+b because it's slope and then intercept.
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